Charter brokerage of River and Ocean Cruises (rent a river ship / rent a ocean ship)

What qualifies us for these duties?

After more than 25 years in the cruise industry, our contacts to shipping companies, ship owners, i and tour operators are very close, good and above all trustworthy - many ships we do know personally.

In this way we learn about (also not officaly on the market offered) charter capacities of the various partners and can mediate between the parties accordingly.

This applies to charter periods of e.g. only one departure (cruise), over several (also combined departures) up to total seasons or more charter contracts of several years.

However, our work as a ship broker is far more extensive than just the brokerage, as we accompany you from the first selection of potential ships to the drafting of for both parties fair charter rates and contracts up to questions of the charter and cruise operation.

From our own professional experience, we know the organizational and operational processes on board and shoreside. There we are able to provide e.g. in respect of routing, catering, on-board program, entertainment and shore excursions an optimal coordination between the charterer and the charter company. In addition, we can recommend numerous partners and service providers and supplier (such as transfers, cruise director, land programs) if required.

So there will be no obstacles for a successful operation of your own charter cruise!