Cruise ship charter (full charter) for river and ocean vessels

Why choose our charter vessels?

  • You have the exclusive use of the ship (full charter, also called cruise rental or time charter)
  • Great variety of river and ocean cruises
  • Numerous destinations (rivers and seas around the world)
  • charter period from one night up to one or several weeks
  • 3 to 5 star standard
  • Ships range in size from 50 to over 2,500 beds
  • You can select the route you'd like to take
  • You can select what on-board activities you'd like
  • You have the possibility to have your company logo and banners etc. on display
  • Ships often have the facility to host meetings and conferences
  • Ships usually offer full board, including entertainment and spa areas
  • Full management of ship done by cruise line
  • Charter rates are often comparable with onshore hotels

What services do we offer?

  • We will do a free search for the right ship for you (bedding capacity, standards, availability, destination) with no obligation to book
  • We can suggest alternatives if the ships we find for you do not fulfil the specified criteria
  • We negotiate the charter rate
  • We can advise you on operations, itinerary, events and activities (both on board and onshore)
  • Handling the charter contract (the agreement is made directly between the charterer and the cruise line)

Who are our customers?

  • Companies
  • Incentive agencies
  • Travel agencies and tour operator
  • Floating hotel operators
  • Shipowners & Cruise lines