How it works and prices for quality checks in gastronomy

How does it work?

  • Initial telephone meeting
  • Establishing format and criteria
  • Website check
  • Telephone booking
  • Lunchtime or evening meal (Food & beverages)
  • On site quality check / Mystery check
  • Optional evaluation meeting
  • Follow-up written report, possibly including photographs

Standard package prices

  • €990 for businesses based in Germany
  • €1,490 for businesses based in Europe
  • Prices quoted are net, and do not include VAT
  • Prices quoted include travel expenses
  • Client covers agreed restaurant expenses

Special agreements and tailor-made service offers

  • Please contact us if you require prices for other parts of the world
  • Reduced rates for multiple restaurants
  • Reduced rates for repeat checks
  • Tailor-made offers for special agreements
  • We will gladly carry out quality checks according to your needs and requirements, and will provide the appropriate tailor-made offers