Purchase and Sale, Newbuilding and Financing of River and Ocean Cruise Vessels

What qualifies us for these duties?

After more than 25 years in the cruise industry, our contacts to shipping companies, ship owners, investors, banks, catering companies, ship management companies and tour operators are very close, good and above all trustworthy.

In this way we learn about the potential buying and selling interests of the various partners and can mediate between the parties accordingly.

However, our work as a ship broker is far more extensive than just the brokerage, as we accompany you from the first selection of potential ships to the drafting of contracts up to the ship handover.

In addition to arranging ship sales, we are also active in arranging mergers and aquisitions such as shipping companies and tour operators, as well as ship project development, new building planning and financing. This activity is closely related to the area of ​​consulting and project management.

For potential buyers and investors, we verify to what extent not only the purchase of ships, but also the acquisition and consolidation of shipping companies and tour operators appear to be operationally sensible and profitable.