About us and our partner

Make top quality your target!

"Quality Advance" has developed as part of Cruise Advance GmbH, set up by Jens Huhse in Berlin in 2004.

The company was originally set up to focus on quality management, product development and operations for cruises. However, over time the demand grew for quality checks, mystery checks and quality management for onshore hotel and catering businesses, and service providers for tourism such as airlines and luxury trains for example.

Our many years of experience carrying out short and precise quality- and mystery checks to gain an overview of performance and quality enabled us to attract clients from the hotel, catering and tourism industries. We can therefore give our customers simple but effective suggestions for improvements that lead to greater customer satisfaction and, in turn, increased profit.

In order for costs to be transparent for our clients, we offer quality- and mystery checks as packages including all extra costs.


Our Partner

In accordance with our clients and depending on each project we also involve or recommend external partners and specialists with different consulting knowledge and background.

GROSSEFREIHEIT - by Jörg Ristau (Hamburg, Deutschland)

CF Management Consult (Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland)